With commencement just around the corner for college seniors, many have started making plans for what is next in their professional careers. Christendom College senior Edith Lagarde can be counted amongst them, with plans to complete a Masters to Ph.D. program through the History Department at the University of Notre Dame, with a specialization in Medieval History. Gaining acceptance to this program, especially just after completing her undergraduate studies, is a remarkable accomplishment, and a testament to the formation that Lagarde has received at Christendom.

Lagarde, a history and classics double major, is thankful for the intellectual formation she received at Christendom, believing it has prepared her to excel in graduate school. According to Lagarde, Christendom’s integrated core curriculum served as a unique preparation for this program, allowing her to gain a richer insight into her selected field of study.

“Many historians going into graduate school have never studied philosophy or theology much at all, and thus they struggle to understand the intellectual, religious, and cultural backgrounds of the Middle Ages,” Lagarde explained. “[The disciplines studied in the core curriculum] have given me the ability to look at historical time periods through a multi-faceted lens, and not just focus on the dates or facts of the period.”

As Lagarde discerned her academic path and went through the tedious process of applying to graduate school programs, Christendom’s faculty offered personalized assistance. From reviewing Lagarde’s writing samples, to providing letters of recommendation, to helping her craft a statement of purpose for her applications, her professors supported her throughout the entire process.

“I have been encouraged to pursue graduate school by many faculty members over my time [at Christendom], and this encouragement was what made me look at graduate school in the first place,” Lagarde shared. “The wisdom they imparted through their classes, their lives, and their constant love of learning has inspired me greatly.”

In addition, Lagarde believes Christendom’s history and classics departments instilled in her the necessary skills to excel in her academic career. According to Lagarde, her Latin and Greek classes have enabled her to read the primary text documents of medieval history, a crucial skill in her future research. Her history classes also equipped her with excellent research and writing skills.

“I feel very confident after [my professor’s] mentorship that I know how to engage with sources well, and that I am able to craft a good history paper, whether it be focused on primary sources or on historical scholarship,” Lagarde shared.

Lagarde is also receiving funding through the Notebaert Premier Fellowship to support her in this next step in her academic journey — another remarkable achievement.

With this step, she joins a long list of Christendom graduates that have gone on to find success in graduate school. Alumni have studied at Carnegie Mellon University, Fordham University, Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, Northeastern University, St. Louis University, the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas, and Georgetown University Law School, just to name a few.

Lagarde is also excited to join the ranks of Christendom faculty members Dr. Michael Kelly, Dr. Christopher Lane, and Dr. Dixie Dillon Lane, who have each studied with this renowned history department.

Thanks to the strong intellectual foundation Lagarde received at Christendom and the personalized attention given by faculty mentors, she is now on the road to success as she pursues her career in academia.

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