Dr. Kathleen Sullivan and Mr. Michael Strickland will join Christendom’s English Language and Literature Department as full-time professors this fall. After teaching at Christendom as visiting and adjunct professors the past few years, Sullivan and Strickland will now serve the students as assistant professors, enriching the college’s classrooms and the Literature department as a whole.

Sullivan earned a B.A. in the Liberal Arts from Thomas Aquinas College, an M.A. in Literature from the University of Dallas, and a Ph.D. in English Literature from the Catholic University of America. Sullivan has extensive experience as an educator. From middle school students, to undergraduates, to graduate students in English as a Second Language courses at CUA, Sullivan has taught literature, writing, and rhetoric courses at a variety of levels.

As a visiting professor at Christendom, Sullivan has taught core literature courses, English Victorian Literature, and Children’s Literature of the 19th Century. As a full-time professor, Sullivan will also teach a course on English Romantic Literature. While Sullivan has a range of literary knowledge, her area of expertise is 19th Century Literature and the Victorian Novel.

Strickland, an alumnus of Christendom and the valedictorian of his class in 2012, triple-majored in Literature, Philosophy, and Classics as an undergraduate. Since graduating from Christendom, Strickland earned his M.A. in English Literature from the Catholic University of America, where he is currently completing his Ph.D. Strickland has taught rhetoric and composition classes to undergraduates at CUA. As an adjunct professor at Christendom, Strickland has taught core literature courses over the past four years.

Strickland’s academic areas of expertise include Classical rhetoric and literary criticism, medieval English literature, and the modern reception of medieval literature. Strickland will likely teach courses on Advanced Rhetoric and Composition, Literary Criticism, Literature of Medieval Christendom, and Arthurian Literature.

When they begin this fall, Sullivan and Strickland will also be joining Dr. Conor Sweeney as new full-time faculty members. Sweeney, who previously taught at the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family in Melbourne, Australia, is joining the college’s department of theology.

Sullivan and Strickland join department chairman Dr. Lisa Marciano, along with Dr. Ben Reinhard, Mrs. Sharon Hickson, and Dr. Thomas Stanford as part of the English Language and Literature department.

For more information on the college’s English Language and Literature department, visit here.

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