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Equestrian Program

We’re right in the middle of horse country.

Christendom College is located in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and is located in a part of the state that is sometimes known as “horse country.” In an effort to enhance our students’ college experience and to better take advantage of our beautiful surroundings, Christendom has made arrangements with a local horse farm to offer Christendom students discounted prices for their services. Mr. and Mrs. Asper, the owners of the Royal Horseshoe Farm, are good friends of the College and are members of the local Catholic homeschool community.


The Royal Horseshoe Farm, a privately owned farm located a few miles from campus, offers Christendom College students special discounted rates on scenic trail rides and riding lessons by certified instructors.

The Fall Program includes riding in September, October and November. The Spring Program is in February, March and April.

Each equestrian session will last for about an hour and will include riding. Weekday sessions will normally be scheduled at about 6:15 pm to allow time for dinner (weekday sessions may have to be earlier than that in November due to the switch to Standard Time). Specific week days will be arranged based upon student schedules. Weekend riding (any time Saturday and on Sunday afternoons) will be coordinated with specific student groups.

Sessions are predominantly with groups, but there is some flexibility to move between groups to better match skills, to adjust student schedules (because of tests or paper deadlines) or to ride with a friend. Inclement weather in the fall may cause a session to be rescheduled. In the spring, there should be an indoor arena available.

Students are expected to provide their own transportation to and from the farm. The Farm will assist with arranging car pools. If student transportation is unavailable, transportation arrangements can be made with Royal Horseshoe Farm for pickup and return.

The Farm teaches English riding, Western riding and some side saddle.

ASTM/SEI helmets will be provided by the Farm, if rider doesn’t bring one (it is mandatory to wear a helmet when on a horse at Royal Horseshoe Farm). Riders must never ride alone. Dress Appropriately: long pants, and riding boots or shoes with a small heel. All riders will be required to sign a registration / release of liability form. Minors need a parent or guardian’s signature.

Program Options

Casual Option ($135 per semester):
This is designed for the student who just wants to ride on an occasional basis. Group Rides are scheduled two (2) times per month (6 per semester). The first several sessions focus on the formation or enhancement of riding skills. Later sessions are trail rides or organized riding activities in an arena.

Weekly Option ($250 per semester):
This is for the student who would like to work on riding skills, but only has a limited amount of time. Group sessions are scheduled weekly (12 per semester) and are under the direction of a certified instructor. Students will see steady progress in their riding skills and will learn about basic horse care.

Focused Option ($495 per semester):
This is for the student who wants to accelerate the pace of improvement in his or her riding skills. Group Sessions will be smaller and there is more individualized training by a certified instructor. Sessions occur nominally twice a week (any combination of week days or weekend days (24 per semester)). As much as possible, sessions will be tailored to the skill of the individual rider.

Registration & Payment

To register, go here: https://royalhorseshoe.com/

Since the Equestrian Program is not an official Christendom College program, students must submit registration and payment directly to The Royal Horseshoe Farm.

For more information about the Farm and the services it offers to Christendom College students (including horse boarding options) visit The Royal Horseshoe Farm Website.


*N.B. This is not an official program of Christendom College. Any further questions or concerns must be directed to The Royal Horseshoe Farm.

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