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iCare Packages

An “iCare Package” can add to any occasion or brighten a student’s day. Let someone know you are thinking about him or her and express your love by sending an “iCare Package.”

Each package includes a card appropriate for the occasion with a message from you enclosed. Gifts will be held in the Dining Hall’s Kitchen and an announcement will be made during the lunch.

Orders may be placed by calling the Dining Services Office at 540.551.9208 or by completing the form below.

cookies-yes Cookie of the Month

Each month, September through April, you can send a dozen gourmet cookies to your son or daughter. Each month features a different variety, any of which are sure to please. $8 per month, or $50 for 8 months.

  • September: Chocolate Chunk
  • October: Oatmeal Raisin
  • November: S’mores Cookies
  • December: Holiday Sugar
  • January: Snickerdoodles
  • February: Fruit Nut Harvest
  • March: Royale
  • April: Raspberry Shortbreads

Personalized Cakes

Help your son or daughter celebrate the special events of their life. Our Bakeshop will bake and decorate a cake for any occasion. The extra large Cup Cake will serve 8 and is available in either white or chocolate cake with white or chocolate icing. The package includes the cake, candles, complete with your personal message, napkins, plates, forks and a special occasion card. $25

fruit-trayFruit and Cheese Basket

This package includes an assortment of seasonal fresh fruit, three specialty cheeses, plus a sleeve of gourmet crackers. $35 Please allow 3 days notice for last minute orders.

Berries and Chocolate

This package includes strawberries and dipping chocolate and will be available April 30th through May 8th. View the ad here.


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