Vehicle Registration Form – Fall 2020

All students at Christendom College are allowed to bring a vehicle to campus with the understanding that vehicles are not to be used for transportation around campus. Vehicles are to be used for transportation to off-campus jobs, errands in town, etc. Each student who brings a vehicle is responsible for registering their vehicle. Each registered vehicle is assigned to a parking lot where it is to remain parked until needed for off campus use. In choosing to bring a vehicle to campus, each student should consider important measures of responsible vehicle ownership. Vehicles parked or driven improperly on campus will be ticketed. Repeated driving or parking violations may result in a student losing the privilege of having a vehicle on campus. It is each student’s responsibility to be informed of the Vehicle and Parking Policies, which can be found in the Student Handbook as well as distributed upon purchase of decal.

The registration fee of $25/year or $15/semester is required when you pick up your parking decal from the Student Life Office. New Students will pay and receive vehicle decal during Orientation (Friday August 21).


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