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Thanks to their liberal arts education, Christendom alumni are prepared to excel in any career field. From law to military, from finance to music and entertainment, and from writing to business, Christendom alumni can truly be found anywhere.

What makes them so special? The preparation they receive both in the classroom and outside of it. Graduates leave Christendom armed with an intellectual prowess earned from Christendom’s challenging curriculum of philosophy, theology, history, English language and literature, political science, and mathematics, but also with a practical knowledge honed by the college’s results-driven career readiness preparation.

From one-on-one meetings with career development director Kristin Stephens to resume, cover letter, and interview experience through the college’s Education for Life classroom series, students spend a good deal of their time in college preparing practically for future success. Christendom’s alumni are a testament to the success of these efforts (See the results).

At the Life on Tap networking series, Christendom welcomes back alumni to share with current students how the college helped prepare them for success in their field, along with tips for how to advance in a particular field.

See the latest Life on Tap schedule here: Fall Taps 2019

Here are just some of the fields alumni are successful in along with the talks they gave at Life on Tap.

Business & Entrepreneurship

From building businesses from the ground up, to serving as Catholic leaders, to running non-profit businesses, to managing businesses.

Finance and Accounting

From managing endowments to running personal accounting services.

Education & Teaching

From teaching in high schools, to serving as religious educators, to working at private schools.

Medicine and Healthcare

From doctors to surgeons, and from nurses to counselors.

Sales and Real Estate

From creating real estate companies to selling for top companies.

Music and Entertainment

From playing in front of a quarter million to making Billboard’s charts.

Editorial, Writing & Communications

From writing for major publications, to publishing best-selling books, to reporting the latest breaking news.


From creating law firms to serving with today’s top lawmakers.

Public Policy, Federal Government & Politics

From defending life to working in DC.

Event Planning

From creating weddings to catering for thousands.


From building thriving IT companies to building websites for news and sports companies to software development to neuroscience – Christendom alumni do it all.

Architecture & Construction

From designing buildings to constructing beautiful works of art.

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