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In 1992, Pope St. John Paul II told our founder, Dr. Warren H. Carroll:

“Christendom College is doing a great work for the Church.”


But why did he say this about us?

Time-tested Education – Creating Leaders for the Future!

Pope St. John Paul II understood that our time-tested and rigorous liberal arts education is what is needed most in today’s secularized world. Understanding the big questions in life, coming to an understanding of them through the lens of Truth, and being able to defend the teachings of the Church are crucial elements of the New Evangelization – ones sorely lacking in many college educations today. Our students thrive in a supportive and Christ-centered culture dedicated to helping them realize their potential and become the great men and women God has called them to be. Through this education, they, too, can do a “great work for the Church.”

Alumni Vocations and Success

The Holy Father also knew that too many today were abandoning their call to religious life, getting involved in bad marriages, or striving for mediocrity in the workplace.  He knew that Christendom alumni would be different and help foster many vocations: 157 religious vocations and an astounding 419 alumna-to-alumnus marriages – with loads of kids and almost no divorces! And when it comes to striving for greatness in career success, a Christendom education helps its graduates attend top-notch grad schools and outperform their peers in almost every field possible.

Quality & Affordability

Christendom College delivers a high-quality education at family-friendly affordable price. Our average family has 6.1 children, and families continue to send child after child after child – seeing this education as an investment in their futures – both here and eternal. The College’s financial aid and scholarship program, as well as its unique Scholarship Price Match Program, makes a Christendom education within reach of anyone seriously interested in attending a private, 4-year Catholic college. You can’t afford NOT to attend Christendom College!

Find out why so many Church luminaries recommend us…

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