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Lent is a time to refocus ourselves on the passion, death, and resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. It is a time to join Jesus in the desert. He asks us to remove distractions, simplify our busy lives, and willingly enter into a spirit of personal sacrifice to realign our hearts with God.

Through the practice of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving, we will discover new strength as we begin to see an interior change take place. This is how real transformation happens. We must, “Clean first the inside of the cup, if you want the outside of the cup to become clean also” (Matthew 23:26).

We see the fruit of our commitment to the Catholic faith and academic excellence in the faithful, counter-cultural witness of our thousands of alumni. Each of our graduates experiences the deepest and most transformative “Lenten” journey. They spend time with Jesus on campus preparing for their personal mission in life through four years of immersion in the best of the Catholic liberal arts and spiritual and personal formation.

I’m delighted to share three stories from Christendom alumni that will fill you with hope and inspire you on your own journey this Lent:




If you ever find yourself discouraged when watching the news or reading a newspaper, remember the young, faith-filled, and vibrant student-leaders at Christendom College. Since our founding, we have launched thousands of educated, deeply passionate, Catholic professionals into the world as witnesses of God’s love and truth.

Please consider making it possible to transform even more young lives this year through your Lenten almsgiving. You can be confident that your prayers and financial support to Christendom will have a lifelong impact on our campus, Church and nation!

May Almighty God strengthen you during your Lenten journey and bless you abundantly for your generosity.

Sincerely in the Heart of Christ,

Timothy T. O’Donnell, STD, KGCHS
President, Christendom College

P.S. As you set out on your own journey of transformation this Lent, please consider including Christendom in your almsgiving. Your gift will deeply transform another generation of Catholic leaders through four years of Catholic liberal arts education and personal growth.

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