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Redemptive Suffering

Loretta Scheetz

For veteran rehabilitation nurse and Christendom alum, Loretta Scheetz, 25 years of hands-on experience with patients suffering from various chronic and debilitative neurological diseases has taught her about suffering and the desert wilderness of our Lenten journey. “I’ve learned there is a cross in everybody’s life,” Loretta shared. “But I’ve also learned that at the end of that cross, if you’re faithful to it, there’s a resurrection.”

Raised in a supportive Catholic family, Loretta had not experienced the hopelessness she encounters in some of her patients. “It was very tough for me when I first entered the field of medicine. I came face to face with the utter despair some of my patients experienced as death drew nearer, especially those without any faith or hope in God.”

Loretta has been asked by many of her suffering patients (or their families) to help them end their lives. But her courageous faith and devotion to the Chaplet of Divine Mercy has empowered her to bring the hope of the resurrection and the light of Christ into her patients’ darkened lives instead.

“Even the most desolate soul can experience God’s mercy and grace,” Loretta shared. Over the course of her career, Loretta and her husband, Ed (also a Christendom alum), have prayed for and with hundreds of souls, sharing Divine Mercy prayer cards with those who were suffering. “Christendom College provided me with a very solid foundation of truth by which love and prayer could flourish,” she shared. “The community of faith at Christendom and the powerful witness of Dr. Carroll’s conversion still impact me to this day. The faith formation I received helped me to recognize the fundamental dignity of each person, which has transformed the way I’ve served throughout my nursing career.”


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