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    • Example 1 (past class): History 101 with Dr. O’Donnell brought ancient history to life and showed God’s hand throughout history as the world prepared itself for the Incarnation.
    • Example 2 (current class): Human Nature with Dr. Cuddeback is instilling in me a strong realization of how essential the study of philosophy is to living a good and, therefore, happy life. It is giving me a solid foundation to build further studies on.
    • Note to Incoming Freshmen: We know you’ve yet to take classes at Christendom, so you may choose to leave this box blank. You may also fill it in with the class for which you are the most excited or an inspiring class you took while attending the Experience Christendom Summer Program.

    Your Thank You Note

    Please follow these instructions to fill out your thank you note below:

    1. Use the salutation “Dear Benefactor”
    2. Do not date it or refer to the time of year (we may use your note a few months from now)
    3. Write 3-4 sentences thanking your benefactor for making your Christendom education possible and explaining why it has made a difference to you

    You can use the examples below as a template/guideline for your thank you note and personalize it as much as you like:

    • Example 1: Dear Benefactor,
      Thank you so much for enabling my education here at Christendom College. Thanks to your generosity, I am able to pursue this incredible education and formation in the Truth, which I know will serve me both practically and spiritually for the rest of my life. Partaking daily in the sacraments and immersing myself in the classes and culture of campus have changed my life. I have especially found that being a part of the soccer team {insert your extra-curricular} has helped me develop discipline and leadership skills. Thank you again for your generosity and please be assured of my prayers on your behalf!
      God Bless,
      “Student Name”
    • Example 2: Dear Benefactor,
      Thank you for giving me the chance to attend Christendom College to pursue such an incredible education and formation. Thanks to your generosity, every day I am growing closer to becoming the man/woman God created me to be. The challenging academics, the daily sacraments, and the rich campus culture have caused me to grow in countless ways. Serving campus as a member of the Student Activities Council {insert your extra-curricular activity} has helped me immerse myself in the community and help make Christendom an amazing experience for all of our students. Please know that you are in my prayers, and may God bless you for your generosity!
      “Student Name”

    *Photo requirements align with Christendom College’s Modesty and Professional Dress Code Policies. See pg. 26-27 of the Student Handbook. Please also know that selfies and photos in which students are not standing or sitting upright and front-facing will not be accepted.

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