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[tabby title=”Overview”]
Christendom Podcasts provide access to a wide range of Christendom-related digital audio and video content via the iTunes and the Apple Podcast App.

Christendom Podcasts are sponsored by the Marketing Office of the College. For more information, please send an email to niall.odonnell@christendom.edu.

[tabby title=”Getting Started”]
iTunes makes it fun and easy to organize and play your favorite music. Now, you can also add educational recordings from Christendom College to your iTunes library. From there, you’ll be able to create custom playlists, sync to your iPod, burn CDs, or even share your Christendom-related content with others on your network.

Start using Podcasts today in four simple steps:
1. Go to www.apple.com/itunes and download iTunes for either Macintosh or Windows.
2. Double click on the downloaded Installer file and follow the instructions provided.
3. Restart your computer and launch iTunes.
4. Click on link provided on this page or search for Christendom College in the iTunes Store using the search box in the uper righthand corner.

Tips: The Search box in the top righthand corner of the iTunes will search for content from Christendom College. For more help using iTunes, please visit the iTunes tips page available from Apple.

[tabby title=”Frequently Asked Questions”]
Will I have to pay to access Christendom Podcasts?
No. You may freely preview and download all of the content from Christendom Podcasts.

How do I access Christendom on iTunes U?
First, make sure you have the most current version of iTunes installed on your Mac or PC computer. To download the application, visit to www.apple.com/itunes. Also make sure that you are running the most current update of your system software. Next, go to our Podcasts page via the “Download on iTunes” link above.

Is the Christendom on iTunes content under copyright protection?
While we do not implement any digital rights management (DRM) for Christendom Podcasts content, we do use Christendom College copyright releases to protect each piece of content on the site.

What are podcasts?
“Podcasting” refers to a push-pull delivery technology (namely RSS feeds) for downloading digital media files.

Where in iTunes is the content I downloaded from Christendom on iTunes U?
Currently, users may access Christendom content in the iTunes Store via direct download and progressive download previews. Content downloaded from Christendom Podcasts appears in the “Podcasts” tab under “Library.”

Do I have to use iTunes and Apple products to have access?
Currently, you must use the iTunes application to download content. Apple offers a free Windows version of iTunes at www.apple.com/itunes. You do not need a Macintosh, iTunes, or an iPod to play the audio files. All you will need is a player capable of playing .mp3 and .mp4 AAC (Advanced Audio Codec) files. (AAC is not exclusively Apple’s, although Apple prefers it to alternative file formats.)

Can I use other .mp3 players with iTunes?
There is moderate support in iTunes for some third-party .mp3 players, but they will not be able to play .mp4 AAC files (including content purchased from the iTunes Store.) Apple offers a full line of iPod products and accessories, which will give you the best digital experience. Otherwise, you may enjoy our content on a computer or a CD, or you may convert the AAC files. To re-encode the AAC (.mp4) files into the .mp3 format, download the content first into your iTunes application. Second, in the iTunes preferences, click on the “Advanced” icon and navigate to the “Importing” tab. Next, select “MP3 Encoder” in the “import using” menu. Finally, highlight the file(s) that you wish to convert, go to the Advanced menu, and click on “Convert Selection to .mp3.”

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