Coronavirus Updates

While Christendom is taking reasonable measures consistent with guidance from the CDC and local health officials to manage the risk of COVID-19, it is important for students and parents to understand that the College cannot eliminate the risk of COVID-19 exposure and infections on campus. With COVID-19 transmission continuing nationally, it is possible that some students will be exposed to COVID-19 during the upcoming academic year and that infections will result. We are doing our best to mitigate this risk, but students who attend the College this upcoming academic year must appreciate, understand, and accept that these risks simply cannot be eliminated.

For these reasons, we need students to take responsibility for their own health and safety by following available guidance regarding social distancing, hand-washing, and other measures students can personally take to mitigate the risk of exposure and transmission of this disease.

While we hope all of our students will be able to engage fully in our programs, students who are suspected or confirmed to have a COVID-19 infection may be required by the College to quarantine or isolate if recommended by guidance from the CDC, local health officials, or as required by a medical provider and College policies. The College is prepared to safely and prudently quarantine and isolate on-campus students while providing them with housing, meal services, and access to class lectures and materials.

COVID-19 Quick Facts for Students