In Pursuit of Truth and Wisdom.

“The two words that best describe Christendom College are Catholic and traditional, in the very best sense of both words. On the key measures of Catholic identity and liberal arts education, few American colleges can compare.” – The Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College

At Christendom College, our students learn how to think, not simply do something.

Our academic excellence prepares students to be faithful, informed, and articulate members of Christ’s Church and society. Students choose Christendom because they know our rigorous Catholic liberal arts education will be the best foundation for any career choice.

Committed to the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church, the College provides an integrated core curriculum grounded in natural and revealed truth, the purpose of which at both the undergraduate and graduate levels is to form the whole person for a life spent in the pursuit of truth and wisdom.

Learning at Christendom is a personal experience guided by top-notch professors who truly care about the students’ education. Students and professors alike pursue Truth and wisdom inside and outside the classroom, immersed in a Catholic culture that helps our students live what they are learning. The result is an education that lasts a lifetime.

That’s why author George Weigel says:

Christendom College is one of the best liberal arts colleges in America. Its commitment to providing its students with an integrated, rigorous core curriculum, combined with a vibrant Catholic atmosphere that permeates every aspect of the college experience, marks it as a distinctive and precious resource. I recommend Christendom College to anyone seeking an education that teaches students to think, to pray, and to serve, all under the guidance of Faith and reason.

Faithfully Catholic.

At the beginning of every academic year, the entire faculty makes an Oath of Fidelity to the Magisterium and a Profession of Faith in the presence of the Diocese of Arlington’s Bishop Michael Burbidge. Students can be sure their education is orthodox and in line with the teachings of the Catholic Church.


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