Communications & Marketing Department

We promote the mission of Christendom College by striving to provide the best communications and marketing  in the industry. We believe that beauty will save the world, helping us encounter Christ and fulfill the mission of Christendom College. We foster an environment of learning, building each other up and the students with whom we work.


Our photography team consists of many student workers as well as professional staff members to capture events on campus as well as professional headshots, staged photoshoots, and more.


Audio Production

Available for use by the faculty, staff, and students, we provide equipment for recording podcasts, lectures, and many other forms of audio productions.

Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing

Our creative design crew members are experts at creating crisp and professional logos for any occasion.


Copy Writing

The marketing department regularly creates written content designed to increase brand awareness and promote the college through various means of advertising.

Web Design

One of the primary tasks of the marketing department is the publication and upkeep of Christendom College’s website, including like the athletics’ site and GetPrinciples.com. We take pride in the creative drive behind all our website publications.

Videography and Postproduction

Our team of both students and staff strives to achieve the very best visuals when capturing the magnificence of Christendom’s events, which are then edited in Final Cut Pro.

Print and Digital Advertising including Social Media

After creating a stellar look, we then move to printing, whether it be t-shirts, posters, or social media publications.

Marketing and Communication Strategy

Have any further questions? Our team members are professionals at communication strategy and have a wide variety of marketing skills.

We are here to help you and your department succeed and look forward to working with you!

Niall O'Donnell

For Instaurare magazine, new projects and campaigns, including advertisements, websites, videos, publishing, or anything else, please contact Niall.



Zach Smith

For inquiries regarding press/media inquiries, news stories, social media and social media advertising, please contact Zach.



Julie Wells

For inquiries regarding
updates to our current websites, photography, business cards, brochures, flyers, or the Christendom Today email, please contact Julie.



Lianna Youngman

For inquiries regarding the yearbook, small desktop publishing and graphic design projects, please contact Lianna.




Meet Maverick, our office mascot.