Your summer should be more than just sand and lounge chairs.

experience programs that help you thrive as a catholic.

Best Week Ever
Summer Program

5 ONE-WEEK Sessions

Experience Christendom this summer! This year will mark the 24th year of this wildly popular week, which boasts close to 4,000 alumni since 1999. Each year, hundreds of high school students spend a week on campus and describe the week as one of the best weeks of their lives. For rising high school seniors.

St. Columcille Institute

JULY 22 – AUGUST 14, 2022

In its 8th year, The St. Columcille Institute will be held for three weeks in the north of Ireland, in Donegal, from July 22 to August 14, 2022. The program will seek to strengthen the faith and deepen the understanding of young Catholic leaders through a thorough catechesis, ensuring that participants develop the ability both to evangelize and defend the Faith within secular society. Participants will also examine the patrimony of Western Christian Civilization through an in-depth study of history and literature.

Graduate School Residential
Summer Semester


Each summer, the graduate school moves to the Front Royal campus for a six-week residential semester. To engage in the higher theological studies and look upon the natural wonders of Virginia among like-minded individuals is a unique experience that nourishes the soul.

Classical Languages Institute


Co-presented with the Polis Institute, the Christendom Classical Languages Institute offers six-week introductory courses in Latin and ancient Greek. Each course covers the equivalent of a year-long introductory sequence at the college level. For all college-aged students.

Vita Consecrata Institute (VCI)

2 Two-Week Sessions
July 2022

Designed for priests and religious, VCI is a program of graduate-level studies that centers on various aspects of the theology of the consecrated life, as reflected in the mission and life of the Church. Co-sponsored by the Institute on Religious Life, it is an intense, yet rewarding, academic program.