Best Week Ever Early Bird Priority List Sign-up

For those interested in getting a jump on the anticipated long waiting list, it is recommended that they join the Early Bird Priority list by filling out and submitting the form below.

All those who sign up for the Early Bird Priority list—anytime from November 15 to January 1—will be given the opportunity to apply one week before the regular application becomes available and will be offered a 30% discount.

Please note that signing up for the Early Bird Priority list does NOT guarantee admission.

To be considered for a 2023 Best Week Ever summer session:

  • Students must be current juniors in high school who are looking to attend college in Fall 2024.
  • Students must have been born on 8/15/2007 or earlier.
  • Please note that during the summer program, the kitchen staff is not able to safely accommodate students with food anaphylaxis.


N.B: If the form below is not visible using Firefox, please use another browser.

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