The Christendom College community was shocked, grieved, and deeply distressed by the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. A number of students had relatives who worked in the Pentagon and in the World Trade Center. Others had relatives who were firemen and policemen in New York City, and a number of Christendom’s alumni either worked near or in the areas attacked. Thanks be to God, and surely due to the tremendous outpouring of prayer being offered up, none of these people were injured or killed by these awful acts of terror.

On the day of the attack and the days following, the College united (and continues to unite) itself with those in trouble by flying their flags on campus at half staff; by offering special Masses for the victims; by having all night adoration; by fervently turning to prayer; and by making frequent visits to the Blessed Sacrament.

College Chaplain Fr. Anthony Mastroeni, at the request of College President Timothy O’Donnell, offered a special Mass on September 14, 2001in union with the prayer services held troughout the nation that same day. The Chapel bell rang for 5 minutes at noon on that day, in memory of and solidarity for all the victims. O’Donnell addressed the College community at lunch, relating to them the consoling words of the Holy Father, who expressed his shock and profound sorrow at this horror. Following his address, O’Donnell called for unity and charity within the community, particularly at that time of national mourning, and had the entire community rise and join in prayers for the President of the United States, the leaders of our beloved nation, and also offered a solemn prayer for all those who had died.

As the country continues to recuperate from these shocking terrorist attacks, the Christendom College community continues to pray daily for the end of terrorism and the restoration of peace in our world.

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Bishop Paul Loverde’s Homily from the National Day of Prayer and Remembrance

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