Christendom College’s ranking in the latest edition of US News & World Report’s “Best Colleges” issue marks the third consecutive year this national secular magazine has found Christendom to be one of the best 218 Liberal Arts colleges in the US.

According to the rankings, for the second consecutive year, Christendom College ranked first among all Catholic national liberal arts colleges in America in the category of “least debt incurred by its graduates.”

The study revealed that the average debt incurred, amongst the 53% of Christendom graduates who acquired student loans, amounted to $9,140. The amount of debt that students accumulated from educational loans at national liberal arts colleges throughout the country reached as high as $24,512 at Austin College in Texas. The only other Catholic college on the list of “Bachelor of Arts College graduates with least debt” was Thomas Aquinas College in California with the average debt of its graduates being $13,250.

In addition to being recognized in the category of “least debt,” US News ranked Christendom second in its tier in the area of freshmen retention, third in alumni giving, and second in graduation rates.

Currently in its 25th academic year, Christendom continues to be recognized for its high standards of academic excellence, as well as its firm commitment to the Roman Catholic Church. “I’m always pleasantly surprised by the recognition that we receive in the secular world,” says Dr. Timothy O’Donnell, Christendom College President. “Over the past twenty-five years, we have often been endorsed by Catholic newspapers and magazines, like, The National Catholic Register, Crisis, Lay Witness, and The New Oxford Review. But recently, the secular media has also found an interest in what we have to offer here at Christendom.”

O’Donnell was referring to the fact that Insight magazine, ISI’s Choosing the Right College, Peterson’s Competitive Colleges, and Barron’s Best Buys have all commended or recognized Christendom College for its commitment to academic excellence.

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