janaros-1For the past seven years, Joan M. Janaro has served as an Advisor to Christendom’s Board of Directors. Recently, Mrs. Janaro has been re-elected to Christendom’s Board of Directors. Mrs. Janaro first served on the Board of Directors from 1983-1994 when she undertook the enormous task of revising the corporation bylaws, as well as serving as parliamentary advisor at regular meetings.

Mrs. Janaro is a professional registered parliamentarian and an educator. Formerly a teacher, her background also includes lobbying, research, writing, and lecturing on contemporary issues in education. With an M.A. in Religious Studies from the Notre Dame Institute (now the NDGS of Christendom), she is involved in catechetical work and study. She is currently self-employed as a consultant and teacher of parliamentary law and procedures. Her two sons are Christendom graduates and current employees of the College: John, Associate Professor of Theology, and Walter, Registrar. With her husband Walter she resides in Arlington, VA.

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