Raymond Arroyo will act as Master of Ceremonies for Christendom College’s 25th Anniversary Gala Dinner Dance to be held at The Ritz-Carlton in Tysons Corner, VA, on September 14, 2002.

Arroyo is currently the news anchor for EWTN’s “The World Over,” which airs each Friday at 8PM EST on the EWTN global television network.

Additionally, flying in from Rome and joining Christendom College for the event are Jan Cardinal Schotte, Secretary General to the World Synod of Bishops, and US Ambassador to the Vatican, James Nicholson.

In 1977, when Dr. Warren Carroll and a few of his associates founded Christendom College, authentic Catholic higher education was under attack and seemed to be on the brink of extinction. With but five faculty, twenty-six students, borrowed facilities, and a mere $50,000 in the bank, Christendom College began its long and frequently difficult journey to restore Catholic higher education to its rightful place and become one of the top Catholic liberal arts colleges in the nation.

Today, Christendom is a solid college with undergraduate and graduate programs enrolling 500 students. It maintains two campuses, manages a modest endowment of nearly $5 million, and enjoys an excellent academic reputation, as well as an impeccable reputation for fidelity to the Holy Catholic Church.

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