For the first time in its long history, Christendom College’s High School Summer Program will only be open to rising high school seniors, not rising juniors as in the past. The Admissions Office had to make this change due to the increased amount of interest shown in the program over the past two years.

During the two-week program, students will be given a taste of what life is like to be a student at an authentic Catholic college, being fully immersed into a truly Catholic atmosphere where fun, friendship, culture, and academics are seamlessly woven together.

Activities will include classes, daily Mass, canoe trips on the Shenandoah River, hikes through the Blue Ridge Mountains, day-trips to Washington, D.C., and much more. Students can choose from one of two sessions, the first running from June 19 to July 1 and the second from July 10 to July 22.

During last year’s program, a number of students were deeply affected by what they experienced at Christendom.

Senior Rebecca Harris, from California, says that prior to coming to Christendom, her faith was basically, “mandatory Sunday Masses” and the occasional rosary. Her parents did all they could to instill in her an orthodox Catholic faith, but the challenges and distractions of being a teenager in a large public school wore her faith down, and soon God’s Will was not her foremost pursuit.

But God gradually revealed His master plan for the next four years of her life.

“At the end of my junior year,” says Harris, “I received a call from a friend who invited me to go to this ‘college camp thing in Virginia.’ She described it to me and it sounded like a lot of fun-canoe trips, bowling, baseball games, and cookouts. In addition to the extracurricular aspects of the camp, my friend also mentioned that we would be taking classes and attending daily Mass. The class descriptions intrigued me and I figured that it would be an enjoyable experience even if I had to go to Mass or say the Rosary. I agreed to go with my friend to the Christendom Summer Camp. Little did I know that God would use Christendom and the people at the camp to alter significantly my life and faith.”

At the end of her two weeks, Harris knew that Christendom was exactly where she belonged, intellectually and spiritually. In between her arrival and departure at camp, many people and events powerfully influenced her thinking.

“My parents’ constant prayers for me back home in California also played an important part in my transformation,” she admits.

But she really attributes her transformation to the Catholic culture that permeates the campus and the people at Christendom.

“By going to Mass everyday, as well as saying the Rosary and attending Adoration,” she says, “I could feel the graces falling down upon me. In just the first few days, I was already beginning to open my heart to Christ, allowing Him to chip away at the layers of sin. I started, for probably only the second time in my life, to look forward to Mass. Christendom Camp was a spiritual wake up call for me, reminding me that this was Truth. I talked to several of the counselors regarding spiritual and moral issues. They inspired me through their patience, understanding, and knowledge of the Catholic faith. When I looked at these people, some graduates of Christendom and some currently enrolled, I realized that I wanted to be like them. I saw how free they were from secular desires and how they lived their life in a very holy way that was not boring, as I had assumed, but vivacious, and bursting with life and love.”

For more information on this life-changing program, contact Christendom College’s Admissions Office at 800.877.5456 or email admissions@christendom.edu.

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