Since its founding in 1977, Christendom College has been committed to the Catholic Faith and all that the Catholic Church teaches, including Catsholic teachings on the sanctity of human life from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death. In short, Christendom is dedicated to restoring what Pope John Paul has coined the “Culture of Life.”

march04On January 23, 2006, Christendom College joined the 200,000+ pro-lifers at the 33rd March for Life in Washington, DC. The College routinely cancels classes on the day of the March, and the Student Activities Council charters as many buses as needed to transport all 379+ students, and numerous members of the faculty and staff to the March. This year the College took seven buses and several 15-passenger vans.

In 1984 and 1997, Nellie Gray, President of March for Life, honored the College by asking Christendom students to carry the main March for Life banner and lead the March down Constitution Avenue. In fact, in the unfortunate event that abortion is still legal in 2008, Nellie Gray has already booked Christendom College to lead the March that year.

Christendom’s motto, “To restore all things in Christ,” is more than just a motto for the students. It is their mission and their way of life. Through the vigorous moral and academic education that they receive at Christendom, the students are well prepared to enter society and the workforce as “Soldiers for Christ,” dedicated to the restoration of all of Christendom.

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