Entitled The Four Keys to Sanctity, the book tries to explain the reasons why so many people are unhappy with their lives and cannot understand their sufferings. This book, says Anthony, a 2002 raduate of Christendom College, will help them to understand and show them the way to grasp the keys to sanctity and happiness.

anthony“What makes this book unique is the fact that it gives simple practical goals for the spiritual life in a way which can inspire the beginner or the most advanced in the spiritual life,” says Anthony.  “It reminds us all that the way to sanctity is to be lived out in our everyday, ordinary lives.”

The book is a revised version of Anthony’s senior thesis that he wrote prior to graduating from Christendom.

Following graduation from Christendom, Anthony has been working as a youth minister at St. Louis Parish in Alexandria, VA. He is an officer of the Legion of Mary, a Catechist, and has given various talks of theology ranging from scripture study to the theology of the body.

The book is published by the Dorrance Publishing Company and can be purchased by clicking here.

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