Some of the talented and ingenious members of the Christendom community recently formed an independent film company and produced a feature film. Chorus attracted regional media attention when it opened in Front Royal’s Royal Cinemas on August 27. This was the first premiere of a feature film in Front Royal in 56 years, and all those involved made it an elegant affair, dressing in evening attire and gliding down a red carpet into the theater.

Mirandum Pictures produced the film. Christendom alumni Mike Powell and the Mason brothers– alumnus Colin and current student Nick- founded Mirandum. Christendom Literature Professor Patrick Keats assisted them in all their efforts.

Writer/ Director Powell often employed his considerable dramatic talents during his undergraduate days, directing four major productions and writing and directing 21 short sketches. Colin Mason, the director of photography and composer/producer of the soundtrack, was also busy as a student. He directed and edited Discretion, a shorter film written by Powell and shown during the College’s annual “Pope John Paul II Film Festival” in 2004. Nick Mason, the younger of the two brothers, was the sound technician and the mastermind behind marketing for the movie. And Keats, moderator of the College’s theater group since 1992, served as executive producer for this film.

The movie was shot primarily in Front Royal with a budget of about $10,000. It stars Christendom students Laura Shrader, Annie Clark, Anna Svendson, Sarah Schiller, Mark McShurley, Julian Ahlquist, and Joe Powell, with cameo appearances by Patrick Keats, Colin Mason, and Mike Powell. Many other students and locals played minor parts in the film.

To view the movie trailer or to learn more about Chorus or Mirandum Pictures, please look to www.mirandumpictures.com.

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