Dr. John Bruchalski, a pro-life OB/GYN physician, delivered a lecture entitled “Only Love Has Meaning: Discerning Your Vocation in the Third Millennium” to students at Christendom College on November 7 as part of the College’s Major Speaker Program.

bruchalskiwebBruchalski, founder of the Tepeyac Family Center in Fairfax, Virginia – an obstetrical and gynecological facility that combines the best of modern medicine with the healing presence of Jesus Christ, providing affordable healthcare to women, in particular, those with crisis pregnancies, explained to his audience that “it is necessary for everyone to know his or her vocation so that we can all work to do what we can to help overcome the Culture of Death.”

He outlined a process for discerning one’s vocation, based on his interpretation of a private revelation given to St. Faustina from Jesus. In this revelation, Jesus explained the importance of three different chapters of John’s Gospel: chapters 15, 19, and 21.

“In the 15th chapter of John’s Gospel, we see Jesus explaining his love for us by giving us the images of the vine and the branches and how we are intimately connect to Him,” said Bruchalski. “Later, in the 19th chapter, we are given insight into man’s hatred for Christ through our crucifixion of Him but there is hope in that Christ gives us His mother, Mary. And in John 21, we see Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus taking Jesus’ body down from the cross during the night. We need to ask ourselves if we are the type of person who will stay with Jesus during the day or only during the darkness of night.”

A vocation is not something that we can turn on or off, live or not live, he continued.

“We need to think of the people behind the ideas. There’s a face behind every idea and we need to focus on bringing people closer to Christ.”

He then explained that the culture needs young people, especially well-educated young people like those at Christendom, to go out and engage the culture and get involved in reclaiming the culture for Christ, particularly through the learning and explaining of medical ethics.

“Stem-cell research, abortion, the morning-after pill, these are all horrible acts of injustice against mankind and quite often, against the dignity of women,” he warned. “I stand here before you today as a former abortionist, having come to the realization of the truth of the Gospel through my own experience and particularly through the teachings of Pope John Paul II on the theology of the body. We need to be able to better explain the late pope’s teachings on this subject so that more and more people may come to see the truth and beauty of humanity.”

He explained the urgency to do all that we can to help keep the “conscience clause” viable. Currently, there is a push to make all hospitals, doctors, and pharmacists prescribe contraception and administer the morning-after pill, practices that are contrary to Catholic moral teachings.

“I’m not sure what will happen to me and my practice if we are mandated to offer these immoral medicines. Please pray for us.”

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