icecream As an incentive for High School Juniors to visit Christendom College and experience the incredible “Way of Life” offered, Christendom’s Admissions Office is raffling off a spot in its One-Week High School Summer Program.

Any High School Juniors who make an official visit to Christendom between February 1 and April 22, 2007, will be automatically entered into the raffle.

“So often, students think they know all about Christendom and what we have to offer,” says Christendom’s Director of Admissions Tom McFadden. “Then they visit and they are blown away by the people, the professors, and the overall Catholic atmosphere on campus. And then again, sometimes they realize that Christendom is not the place for them. In either case, a visit to campus definitely helps students in their decision. So we are offering this raffle as an incentive to help inspire high school students to make the effort and spend some time with us here on our campus to get to discover if Christendom is for them.”

skyline_overlook The High School Summer Program for Rising High School Seniors is held annually on Christendom’s beautiful Front Royal, Virginia, campus, and has drawn nothing but praise from those who have attended.

“Before my parents sent me to the Christendom Summer Program, I had not really wanted to attend Christendom at all,” says John Wardle (now a freshman at Christendom). “But after attending, I had a completely different feeling. What I found at Christendom was an unapologetic feeling of Catholicism. The respect and love shown for the Eucharist was most impressive; it moved your very soul closer to God. Even outside the chapel, aspirations toward grace were encouraged. The professors who taught the classes were not only teaching truths, but were striving to live them, too. I noted that all the professors attended daily Mass with us, and I found it very inspiring.”

dancing In the past, the college has held two two-week sessions. This year, it will hold one one-week and one two-week session. During the program, students take part in classes, liturgical services including Mass, Rosary, Benediction, and confessions, and many fun activities like Mass at the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, Orioles Baseball Game at Camden Yards in Baltimore, Performance of Riverdance at Wolftrap, Canoe trip down the Shenandoah River, Hike and Cookout on Skyline Drive, Trip to Luray Caverns, Sightseeing around Washington and Touring the Museums and Monuments, Swing Dancing, Civil War Tour, Bonfire with Smores, Bowling, Volleyball, Movie Nights, Talent Show, and an Irish Barn Dance at College President Dr. Timothy O’Donnell’s house.

“I can only attempt to describe how impressed I was with Christendom during the Summer Program,” says Brittany Buckner, a current high school senior from Virginia. “Most of my questions were answered: the important one about whether the college really did reflect the Catholic Faith and live up to its name. I thought the faculty was fantastic, the counselors great representatives of the students, the classes steeped in Catholicism, and very importantly, the Eucharist and Mass the center of college life. I loved the little things: the church bells ringing the hours, the priests being part of the community, over one hundred Chesterton books in the library, the girls dressing modestly, and everyone kneeling after Mass had ended instead of racing for the door.”

Although this raffle is for current High School Juniors, Seniors are also encouraged to visit. To schedule a visit, please contact the Admissions Office by calling 800.877.5456 ext. 291 or emailing Margaret Ginski, Visit Program Coordinator, at mginski@christendom.edu. For more information on the High School Summer Program, please go here.

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