carroll3On January 29 at Christendom College, Founding President Dr. Warren Carroll delivered a lecture entitled, “The American War for Independence: Not a Revolution”. The lecture launched what will be a series of history lectures over the next few months.

The lecture was filled with poetic descriptions and charming wit in classic Carroll fashion.

“I will ask all of you to promise yourselves and me that you will never again refer to ‘the American Revolution,'” Carroll said at the beginning of his lecture. “There was never any such thing. Instead call it what it was: the American War for Independence.”

A convert to Christianity, Carroll was educated at Bates College and received a Doctorate of History from Columbia University. After founding Christendom College, he served as the College’s president until 1985 and then as the chairman of its History Department until his retirement in 2002. He is the author of numerous historical works including The Rise and Fall of the Communist Revolution and his major multi-volume work The History of Christendom.

The lecture focused primarily on the role of George Washington. “Washington was not a revolutionary,” Carroll said. “He did not destroy. He was a builder and creator.”

Revolutions cause chaos, terror, and destroy all previous order. The American War for Independence did not do this. Though it did destroy the monarchy, it saved all the rest. It was nothing like the French Revolution and it should never be compared to it, Carroll said.

“It is only in recent years that most Americans have come to regard the French Revolution as a twin to their own war for independence. This is due solely to the use of the incorrect word “revolution” to describe what we did, not to any historical resemblances between the two great events.” Carroll said. “I know whereof I speak; I specialized in the American War for Independence in graduate school and wrote my Ph.D. dissertation on John Adams.”

The lecture was well received by students who, after rising for a standing ovation, lingered to ask questions.

All lectures are open to the public and all are encouraged to attend. Future lecture titles and schedules are:

February 26, 4:00 pm – The Protestant Revolt: Not a Reformation
March 26, 4:00 pm – John Schmitz: Rest in Peace
April 16, 4:00 pm – Blessed Karl of Austria: A Man of Peace in a World at War

For more information contact Miss Siobhan O’Connor at 800.877.54556 ext. 211 or soconnor@christendom.edu.

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