tvspotIn an effort to spread the word about the great work of Christendom College, several multimedia projects have been under taken by the Admissions and Marketing Office.  The first fruit of this effort is a television spot featuring Fr. Benedict Groeschel.

The TV spot was shot in the St. John the Evangelist Library, during Fr. Groeschel’s most recent visit to the College for its annual Summer Institute.

In the spot Fr. Groeschel says the following:

“As you know there is a crisis in Catholic higher education today, many Catholic colleges have abandoned the faith and have become very secular, but there are a handful of schools that remain loyal to the Church.

“One such College is Christendom College in Virginia. It has the mission of working to restore all things in Christ. It achieves this by educating its students in a rigorous core curriculum, teaching everything from a Catholic worldview and also immersing its students in a purely Catholic culture.

“I heartily recommend Christendom to any one seeking an education guided by faith and reason and I want to ask you to consider supporting this great college, both financially and spiritually.  Thank you and may God bless you.”

The TV spot can be viewed by clicking HERE.

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