sacredart“Redeeming Beauty: Religious Works of Contemporary Artists,” a traveling art exhibit sponsored by The Foundation for Sacred Arts, opens at the St. John the Evangelist Library of Christendom College on October 24. The Exhibition will be on display through December 12, 2007.

The featured art aims to “spark a movement in the arts that will revitalize Christian art and reestablish it as a dynamic and viable expression within the art world.”

Library Director Andrew Armstrong welcomes what he calls “a beautiful and diverse exhibit of works by Christian artists from around the nation and the world.”

“The show opens up to the students at the College, and any who attend, a window to witness first-hand the fruits of faith-filled men and women, putting their artistic talents to work for the Church in our day,” he said.

The Foundation for Sacred Arts “seeks to stimulate a movement in the fine arts by inspiring those with artistic talent to create works of truth, beauty, and goodness. Through the promotion of these works of art, we hope to renew the cultural fabric of the modern world and to bring people to encounter the risen Christ,“ their website states.

Christendom College is hosting the exhibition as part of its Beato Fra Angelico Fine Arts Program, which offers students an opportunity to experience directly the beauty of God in the aesthetic fruits of Western Civilization through live performances and on-campus events.

For more information please contact Andrew Armstrong at (540) 636-2900 x1231 or aarmstrong@christendom.edu or Rachel Ross at (301) 365-0760 or rachelross@thesacredarts.org. The exhibit is open to the public and entrance is free.

You can visit The Foundation for Sacred Arts on the web at www.thesacredarts.org.

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