Each Saturday, after attending 7am Mass on campus, a group of Christendom students under the title “Shield of Roses” travels to Washington, DC, to peacefully protest their opposition to abortion by praying outside an abortion mill. This tradition was established at Christendom from the very beginning and continues up to this day.

The abortion mill, operated by Planned Parenthood, is located right in the middle of Washington, DC, on 16th St. and L.

According to Sophomore Paul Wilson, the current president of Shield of Roses, normally about 25-50 students give up their Saturday mornings each week to defend life through their witness and prayer.

On November 17, over 125 students from Christendom participated in the prayerful efforts of the Shield of Roses. The event is advertised as Mega-Shield and generally takes place once a semester, although the last time this many students took part was in 2004.

“Not everyone can give up their Saturday morning each week to protest the horror of abortion,” Wilson says. “We are students, after all, that’s our vocation at the moment, and that means we have papers, tests, and lots of homework – and Saturday mornings are primetime for these types of activities. But by encouraging a large portion of our student body to attend a miniature “March for Life” once a semester is good for everyone because it helps us see the “real” faces of abortion – the pro-choice escorts, the women entering the building, and even the people on the street who yell things from their cars as they drive by – and this helps us to pray harder for the babies, the women, the doctors, and the nation. And I think that’s a good thing.”

Admissions Director and Shield of Roses Moderator Tom McFadden was present that day.

“I spend my days informing interested students and their parents of the merits of Christendom College,” says McFadden. “When the students get excited about saving the lives of the unborn and encourage almost 35% of the Front Royal campus students to travel the hour and a half to DC to pray many Rosaries and the Divine Mercy Chaplet in front of an abortuary, my job gets easier. Christendom students never cease to amaze me!”

Christendom’s motto, “To restore all things in Christ,” is more than just a motto for the students. It is their mission and their way of life. Through the rigorous moral and academic education that they receive at Christendom, the students are well prepared to enter society and the workforce as “Soldiers for Christ,” dedicated to the restoration of all of Christendom.

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