Christendom Press continues to prosper, in large part owing to the many books written by Dr. Warren Carroll.

Carroll’s books continue to sell well and can be found in numerous stores, from small local Catholic bookshops to Vatican bookshops. A Polish publisher, Wektory, has even sought permission to translate Carroll’s The Revolution Against Christendom into Polish. There continues to be large demand for his books, and the Press is committed to keeping all of his many volumes in print.

This spring the Press will reprint Carroll’s Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Conquest of Darkness, as well as The Revolution Against Christendom. Christendom Press is also benefiting from the great success and favorable national exposure of Dr. Bradley Birzer’s Sanctifying the World: the Augustinian Life and Mind of Christopher Dawson. The Press is already reprinting Dr. Birzer’s book, which was just published a few months ago. Mr. James E. Person, Jr., reviewed this book in the April 7, 2008, issue of National Review.

All Christendom Press books are available through ISI Publications.

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