KyleChristendom College students participated in the 2008 National Greek Exam, with all 15 receiving awards for their exceptional performance.

The awards for the exam are broken into various sections, with highest honors first, followed by high honors, honors, and then merit awards.

Receiving highest honors were Christendom students Sheila Jenné, Kyle Kelley, Juan Hernández, Meredith Wise, Paul English, Julia Callaghan, David Klosterman, and George Walter. Receiving high honors were Ryan Mitchell, Micah Willard, Michael Strickland, and Sarah Fritcher. Finally, Gemma Larcina, Catherine Trojack, and Thomas Vicinanzo received merit awards.

Sophomore Kyle Kelley’s performance on the NGE was particularly significant. Kyle has only completed elementary Greek but scored better than many upperclassmen who sat for the same exam. There were no perfect papers on this exam nationally, so Kyle and Sheila Jenné are among those earning the highest scores on this exam this year, one error each. The faculty of Classical and Early Christian Studies congratulates all these Greek students and thanks Professor Fred Fraser, who helped prepare them to sit for the exam.

The American Classical League and National Junior Classical League administers this exam each year to high school and university students to measure proficiency in Greek. This year, 1680 students from 154 different high schools or universities took the exam.

Three Christendom Classical and Early Christian Studies majors received awards in recognition of their superior performance during the 2007-2008 academic year. Ryan Mitchell was awarded the Patrick Duffy Scholarship, George Walter received the St. Jerome book prize for Classical and Early Christian Studies, and Kyle Kelley received the St. Isidore of Pelusium award in Greek letters.

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