e2Campus_750Christendom College has adopted e2Campus, a notification system that enables school administrators to notify its constituents of important information via email, voice, and text messages.

“In the wake of such horrific events as the Virginia Tech shooting, hurricanes, flooding, or other natural disasters, it is important that we are able to get the word out to our community as soon as possible,” says Director of Special Operations Ben Laxton. “And this new system will serve our purposes well.”

Students who sign up for the service can receive a text to their cell phone with timely information about emergencies, class cancellations, sports news, or campus reminders such as a registration deadlines.

Depending on personal cell phone plans, there may be a nominal fee from the cell phone company to receive text messages, but there is no charge from the school to use the service. The service is available to all current students, faculty, and staff of Christendom College.

“Once students sign up, the alerts go right to their cell phones the minute the news happens,” explains Vice President for Operations Mike Foeckler. “It’s a real convenient system for everyone, because it reaches people whether they are on campus or off campus. The majority of our students use cell phones, so now we can reach them with important information that may end up saving their lives.”

The notification system will be used to communicate important information during any potential emergency, such as a snow delay or closing, homeland security advisory, weather warning, gas leak, fire, crime watch, power failure, parking lot closure, or other events. It can also be used to announce school sports scores, registration deadlines, and campus life activities.

“This new system will enable a greater broadcast of time-sensitive communication to reach all students, faculty, and staff whether they are in class, at home, or at their office desk,” says Tom McFadden, Director of Admissions and Marketing, and in the case of an emergency, the college’s public information officer. “Hopefully, we learn from others’ mistakes about what not to do in an emergency, and now we can be more aware of how to handle a situation, should one arise in the future.”

Additionally, Christendom has begun setting up interfaces with e2Campus and the college’s website, digital visual displays, and loudspeakers.

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