By the grace of God, Christendom has had many wonderful, dedicated chaplains over its 30 years, including Fr. Cornelius O’Brien, Fr. Vincent Miceli, Fr. Edward Berbusse, Fr. Robert Skeris, Fr. Jack Reilly, Fr. James McLucas, Fr. David Rahn, Fr. Robert Ruskamp, Fr. Anthony Mastroeni, and most recently, Fr. Seamus O’Kielty, and Fr. John Heisler.

Over the summer, the College community was saddened to learn that Fr. Heisler was asked to join the faculty of the Pontifical College Josephinum in Columbus, OH, and that he was to no longer serve as College Chaplain, a position he had held since 2005.  Over the past three years, Fr. Heisler deeply affected the students, faculty, and staff who took advantage of his spiritual guidance and his offering of the Sacraments. He will be missed by the entire College community.

chaplains_okielty_william_gee_0182aContinuing in his role as Assistant Chaplain is Fr. Seamus O’Kielty who came to Christendom in 2002 and has made a lasting effect on the College over the years.  A native of Ireland, Fr. O’Kielty was ordained a priest in 1954.

Joining Fr. O’Kielty this year in the chaplaincy are Fr. Daniel Gee and Fr. William Fitzgerald, O.Praem.

Fr. Gee is the Head Chaplain, assigned to the College by Arlington Diocese’s Bishop Paul Loverde.  Fr. Gee, ordained in 1995, spent many years in parish work before his 2003 assignment to Banica in the Dominican Republic.  Now, after 5 years in missionary territory, Fr. Gee is happy to be back in the US where he can spend time helping to guide Christendom students in their pursuit of holiness.

Also new to campus this semester is Norbertine Father William Fitzgerald, O.Praem.  Fr. William, a native Australian, was ordained a priest in 1979.  Most recently, Fr. William was the director of the office of worship for the Diocese of Covington, KY, and was the former director of liturgy at the Josephinum in Columbus, OH, where Fr. Heisler now teaches.

Christendom is greatly blessed to have these three chaplains on campus this year and with their help, the entire Christendom community hopefully will grow in holiness and virtue.

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