Latin-Immersion-profsChristendom College will hold two one-week, intensive, active-Latin immersion courses for high school aged students July 12-18 and July 19-25. The program, designed to introduce aspiring Latinists to the beauty and power of the ancient language of the Church, aims to teach students to speak and understand Latin as a living language.

All classes will be conducted mostly in Latin by Dr. Mark Clark, Christendom’s Associate Professor of Classical and Early Christian Studies, and Dr. David Morgan of Furman University, whose Morgan Lexicon is well known to all those wishing to achieve fluency in Latin.

The classes are similar to an intensive Latin kindergarten. Orberg’s Lingua Latina, as well as dialogues from fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth century courses, are used. The Gospels are also used by mimicking the many conversations Jesus had with others. Students can expect to make substantial progress in active Latin, even in one week.

Besides studying Latin, students take part in many fun afternoon activities including a hike on the famous Skyline Drive and a trip into nearby Washington, D.C.

“The students had a great time. There was so much enthusiasm,” Dr. Clark said of last year’s program. “It was great to see the students speaking Latin outside the classroom as well.”

Cost of the program, including room and board, is $895 per week.

Only a few spots remain, so those wishing to attend should register as soon as possible by contacting Christendom’s Admissions Office at 800.877.5456 or admissions@christendom.edu.

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