This past spring, the College approved a revision of the requirements of the Math Minor. The revisions essentially consist of allowing all the Calculus sequence to count towards the Math Minor and changing the prerequisites for some of the more advanced Math courses so they can be taken in a timely manner.

“This brings Christendom’s requirements more in line with what is generally required nationwide,” said Dr. Greg Townsend, Professor of Mathematics and Natural Science, “and will allow interested students to complete the Math Minor within the first two years of their studies.”

Studies in Mathematics and Physics are an excellent means to develop logical thought, skills in precise analysis, and an understanding of concepts used to describe the natural order and fit in well with the aims of a liberal arts education.

A projected $6,900 upgrade of the College’s existing Physics Lab equipment will give students in the Physics courses experience in computerized data collection and analysis as well as access to a greater variety of experiments.

In the future there are plans to establish an Observatory on the campus to give the students an introduction to a science as it is normally practiced as well as provide projects for those who are taking the Mathematics Minor.

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