Christendom’s Admissions and Marketing Office announces the release of its latest DVD, titled Breathe Catholic, which, according to its creators, producer/co-director Tom McFadden and director/editor Niall O’Donnell, will go a long way in helping people realize the unique nature of Christendom’s liberal arts education and distinctive Catholic culture.

breathe_Catholic-DVDBesides a brand new 30-minute video detailing all the various aspects of the College, the DVD has a number of special features, including the College’s 25th and 30th Anniversary videos; videos about the College’s Experience Christendom Summer Program; Christendom’s various TV spots; videos of faculty members from each of the disciplines discussing the distinctiveness of their department; and a virtual campus tour.

“We had a public showing of the video to members of our student body,” says Director Niall O’Donnell, “and they all loved it. The Board of Directors had a viewing which ended with applause and clapping. We focused on trying to make it real—not like so many other college’s videos these days, which tend to just have a lot of great music and images, but gloss over some of their more distinctive characteristics. We tried to go into great detail, in a 30 minute period, about a number of important aspects of Christendom: our location, academic program, semester in Rome, spiritual life, student life, athletics, and library. We think it’s going to be a big hit.”

The video can also be watched online at Christendom’s website or it’s YouTube channel, ChristendomTube.

Anyone interested in receiving a free copy of this DVD may contact the Admissions Office by calling 800.877.5456 or emailing admissions@christendom.edu. Also, you may view the different segments of the video on Christendom’s YouTube site, ChristendomTube, and share them with friends.

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