Robyn Lee (’02)

Behind some of today’s most popular Catholic or conservative publishers you may just find one of Christendom’s alumni. Their education has equipped them to excel in this mass means of communication as a tool for spreading the Truth.

Alumna Robyn Lee is the Managing Editor for the popular Faith & Family magazine and the Editorial Assistant for the widely distributed National Catholic Register. Lee graduated in 2002, majoring in philosophy with a minor in theology.

“Faith and reason—what an awesome combination,” Lee says. “Every day I see how my solid grounding in these disciplines, together with my Christendom-aided understanding of the truths of the Catholic faith, has proven an essential tool for succeeding in the ‘real world.’ I frequently find myself drawing on my education in compiling information for my articles, handling readers’ questions, and serving our writers and editors.”

Lee got involved with Faith & Family and the Register because she wanted the opportunity to use her “God-given skills to help the Church proclaim the Gospel.” She knew that her versatile liberal arts education would give her the tools she needed to be successful.

“The fact that I had a liberal arts degree from Christendom College was instrumental in landing my position,” she says, “and my education is crucial to my daily work with the paper and the magazine.”


Lesly Bratt (’04)

Alumna Lesly Bratt couldn’t agree more.

“My ability to think clearly and with the ‘mind of the Church’ is constantly put to good use,” Bratt says. A member of the class of 2004, Bratt is the Production Editor for Saint Benedict Press, a Catholic publishing company in Charlotte, NC, which recently acquired TAN Books.

“From things as seemingly trivial as what typeface to use for a particular book, to how to present a concept to one of my superiors, to whether we should edit a certain passage in a book—my ability to step back from a project or situation and analyze it in light of its ‘end’ is invaluable,” she says.

Aside from her Christendom education aiding her in the technical aspects of the job, Bratt sees the formation she received at Christendom as a powerful tool in daily tasks and personal interaction in the office.

“Truly professional behavior requires quite a bit of self-discipline which, if not motivated by virtue, becomes hard to sustain,” Bratt says. “I have found I perform my job with much more success and enjoyment when I pay attention to how I can apply my understanding of the virtuous life in all of my day to day tasks.”

Bratt calls this understanding of the virtuous life Christendom’s “secret weapon.” She finds that it enables her to put her thoughts and work in better order.

“It is an ability that many people do not possess, or even realize is important,” she says.


Christian Tappe (’07)

Alumnus Christian Tappe, who came to the Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI) from conservative publishing giant Regnery in 2009, is also excelling as an editor. ISI, a non-profit organization, seeks to give college students a better understanding of the values and institutions that sustain a free and humane society through publications, conferences, and the like. At ISI, Tappe is the Assistant Editor and Publications Office Manager.

“I am certainly a better writer after going to Christendom,” Tappe says, “but much of the editorial process requires clear thinking and an ability to see the big picture—as well as the small details—all at the same time. To the extent that I can do that, it’s credited almost entirely to the liberal arts education I received at Christendom.”

An English Language and Literature major from the class of 2007, Tappe says that he loves his job.

“It’s a lot of fun to read and craft books all day.”

Lee also loves her job. She recently added >a blog to her list of activities at Faith & Family.

“Christendom not only helped me launch a career I love,” Lee says, “but also strengthened my faith as I help build the kingdom of God. Our Lord calls us to bring as many souls as we can to Him. Christendom has laid the foundation for me to participate in this mission!”

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