Associate Director of Admissions Michael Schmitt addresses students during a Senior Visit Day this Fall.

Even with the increase of ‘friendly competition’ from other solid Catholic colleges and universities, sometimes referred to as the “Newman [Guide] Colleges,” and although the future of the economy is still somewhat uncertain, the Christendom College Admissions Office continues to post record numbers. Total inquiries are up 25% from a year ago and a whopping 250% from two years ago; high school senior prospects are up over 23%, and junior prospects are up almost 40%! Additionally, the office has received 25% more applications than it did this time last year, and the number of high school students visiting campus has grown by over 70%.

One reason for the steady growth points to the changing demographics of the Christendom community over the past few decades. In the early years of the College, only a few dozen students were graduating every year. But more recently, as the graduating classes have grown into the 70-90 range, the amount of people being exposed to Christendom’s mission and identity via “word of mouth” grows exponentially. No sooner do many graduates leave than they are replaced by other family members and friends. Other immensely helpful factors have been the various High School Summer Programs and the Junior and Senior Visit Days.

Furthermore, in recent years Christendom has expanded horizons with a healthy amount of active recruiting “on the road.” This fall, Michael Schmitt, Associate Director of Admissions, has been visiting solid Catholic high schools in Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Michigan, as well as making presentations at the homes of Christendom parents and at various parishes.

“As an ever increasing amount of students recognize the value in pursuing their higher education in a small Catholic environment,” says Schmitt, “formed by the ageless traditions of the Church – as opposed to more secular options – I am sure we can expect the applications to continue to arrive at record paces.”

Schmitt is now working on his spring visit schedule and is lining up dozens of high school visits, homeschool group presentations, college fairs, and in-home presentations.

If anyone is interested in hosting an informational reception for their community, or would be interested in having a Christendom representative come to their area, please contact Michael Schmitt at: mschmitt@christendom.edu or call the Admissions Office: 800-877-5456, ext. 1293.

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