rick_espositoBoard member Richard Esposito says that many of the academics he knows are politically correct and get on his nerves — but not the ones he knows from Christendom. In fact, he finds the faculty and staff of Christendom inspiring.

“It is always a joy to meet and speak with them,” he says.

A native of Brooklyn, NY, Esposito is the founder and owner of Lighthouse Wealth Management, LLC, a firm that takes a “holistic” approach to wealth management: providing clear, easy to-understand advice and specific guidance on any and all matters related to money.

Christendom College has been on Esposito’s radar for a long time, hearing of it frequently from friends and The Wanderer newspaper. In September of 2003, he joined the Board of Directors.

“I’m impressed with the students — their appearance, the way they carry themselves with intelligence and love of the Faith and Jesus Christ,” he says.

He describes Christendom as “a first-class college.”

“It is competitive with any secular or religious school, while faithfully following the teachings of the Church — without exception,” he says.

Esposito and his wife, Lida, have five sons and currently reside in the Bronx.

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