audrey_0072“In a today’s world we live in an age of instant everything. We live in a world of now—a world of immediate satisfaction,” Audrey Kasenge told her fellow graduates during the Commencement Exercises of Christendom College’s Graduate School held on the college’s Front Royal, Va., campus on July 30. Twenty-one students—a record number—received their Master of Arts in Theological Studies while three of them also received the Advanced Apostolic Catechetical Diploma.

“Instant messaging, fast food, movies on demand, Twitter, Facebook—and yet with all these means of immediate satisfaction to our desires, when you look around, it still seems like something is missing,” Kasenge said. “Technology can never satisfy the deepest desires of the human heart—the desire for intimate union with God.”

Kasenge, born and raised in Kenya, East Africa, earned a degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Virginia before attending Christendom’s Graduate School.

A revert to Catholicism, she explained how so many people today seem lost and searching for answers to age-old questions: what is the meaning of life, why am I here, what is my purpose, who am I?

“As Catholics we have the answers,” she said. “We must share this knowledge with those who are searching.  We have studied the faith and now our mission is to proclaim it within our particular state in life. Whether it’s in schools, in our churches, at work, and—most importantly—in our families.”

Kasenge related the story of her reversion to Catholicism. After coming back to the Faith, she had an “unquenchable” desire for knowledge about God. She saw an ad in the Arlington Catholic Herald for Christendom’s Graduate School “and the rest is history,” she said.

“Christendom delivered. They gave me knowledge of God and then some,” she said. “I would like to thank the absolutely phenomenal faculty and staff of the Graduate School. They are the reason this program is so amazing, so challenging, and so orthodox.”

Concluding, Kasenge said, “We are Catholic. Embrace it. Own it. Live it. Be proud of it. We belong to the one true Church founded by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. What a gift. What a blessing.”

grad_4831Christendom College Chaplain, Rev. Donald J. Planty, offered the Baccalaureate Mass, which was followed by the Commencement Ceremonies. College President Dr. Timothy O’Donnell and Graduate School Dean Dr. Kris Burns presided.

“Each of these graduates has worked hard and persevered,” Dr. Burns said. “This is not only the largest class in the history of Christendom’s Graduate School, it is one of the best.”

The 21 Master of Arts degrees were conferred on Marie Antunes, Dale Avery, Diana Banister,
Diane Beliveau, Robert Eastman, Charles Fraune, Daniel Giroux, Thomas Heaston, Audrey Kasenge,  Sr. Kathryn Maney, John Mercandetti, Stephen Murphy, Hugh O’Donnell, Philip Olson, Sr. Cecilia Pham, Sr. Cecilia Rezac, Kimberly Rogers, Kenneth Scheiber, Dr. Roshan Thomas, and Edward Walsh. Charles Fraune, Daniel Giroux, and Audrey Kasenge received the Advanced Apostolic Catechetical Diploma.

The Christendom Graduate School offers a Master of Arts degree in Theological Studies with concentrations in Catechetics, Systematic Theology, Consecrated Life, and Moral Theology, as well as the Basic and Advanced Apostolic Catechetical Diploma. Students can take select courses online and those who are not interested in a master’s degree can earn certificates in dogmatic theology, moral theology, catechetics, consecrated life, and scriptural studies.

The Christendom Graduate School offers courses in the Fall and Spring at its Alexandria, Va., campus and offers a six-week residential program during the Summer on Christendom’s Front Royal, Va., campus.


Christendom Graduate School Class of 2011

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