Christendom College Professor Dr. Mark Clark will deliver a talk at a conference on the Latin language hosted by the Salesian Pontifical University in Rome, Italy, on February 23, 2012. His talk will examine the use of Latin language in the Anglo-Saxon world.

clark_4287“I’m delighted to be asked to participate in this program,” Clark says. “It’s a chance to get the word out within the Catholic Church that real fluency in Latin and Greek—and hence the ability to understand our own theological tradition—is in grave danger.”

Clark, along with a few others, will deliver his address in Latin. While simultaneous translation will be available, Clark believes there will be few present who will be able to understand Latin.

“It’s a sign of how far things have degenerated,” he says. “I’m hoping that this conference will lead to a renewed commitment by the Church to be active in the mastery of our maternal languages.”

Commemorating the 50th anniversary of Blessed Pope John XXIII’s Apostolic Constitution on the study of Latin, Veterum Sapientia, the conference will examine the relevance of the document today as well as its history and impact on culture.

The conference will feature other acclaimed experts on Classics, including Zenon Cardinal Grocholewski, Rev. Michele Ferrero, and Msgr. Celso Iruzubieta.

For more information about the Salesian Pontifical University visit www.ups.urbe.it.

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