Christendom College’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), Education for a Lifetime: Christendom’s Academic and Professional Integration Program, or ELP, continues to develop and will begin a testing phase this semester. An important initiative of the College’s re-accreditation process, the QEP will integrate the college’s liberal arts mission.

QEP-LOGOELP is designed to address the two central pillars of the College’s QEP. The first pillar is that the program should extend over a student’s entire time at Christendom. That is why the courses being developed in support of ELP are designed to be spread over two years and include classes or workshops each semester. The other pillar is that the program is not simply a career development program, but one that integrates the liberal arts into each student’s preparation for life after Christendom. The QEP Leadership Team felt it of critical importance that the liberal arts mission of the College both form the core of and be reinforced by the ELP approach.

In light of the need to address these two QEP pillars, the overarching goal of Christendom’s ELP is to enhance the students’ learning environment. ELP will do that by empowering students to:

  1. Integrate the liberal arts; that is, develop an understanding of how their liberal arts education and the broader Christendom experience are profoundly connected with forming them to be men and women who will contribute to the Christian renovation of the temporal order.
  2. Build confidence; that is, develop themselves into confident, hopeful, and enthusiastic leaders, capable of integrating what they learn and do at Christendom with their lives in the world after graduation.
  3. Take the next step; that is, prepare themselves to develop initiatives, determine direction, and take action with regard to their role as faithful, informed, and articulate members of Christ’s Church and society through the acquisition of necessary practical skills.

This semester, the SACS On-Site Reaffirmation Committee (OSRC) will visit the college, a very important part of the re-accreditation process. The OSRC will be on campus in late March and the students will play a role in their visit.

In accordance with SACS re-accreditation process, the OSRC is “expected to examine and evaluate, as appropriate, the institution’s mission, policies, procedures, programs, resources, services, and other activities as they support compliance” with the SACS accreditation standards. Beyond that basic role, however, the OSRC is also charted to assess Christendom’s implementation of its QEP. In performing its role while on campus, the OSRC will review documentation and conduct interviews with various groups of faculty, staff, and students.

To find out more about the QEP visit HERE.

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