classroom_0397Christendom College will welcome a committee from the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools (SACS) on March 27-29. The committee will visit the campus and meet with staff, faculty, and students during a process that seeks to reaffirm Christendom’s accreditation.

The SACS committee will examine the College’s policies and institutional structure to ensure that it is in compliance with current accreditation standards. The committee is comprised of administrators and educators from other institutions as well as a representative from SACS.

“In many ways this is a peer evaluation,” Executive Vice President Mark McShurley says. “I have served on these committees during the reaccreditation process of other schools and I can say that SACS is here to help. We’ve made great strides in improving the effectiveness of our institution and are ready to listen to any suggestions that the committee may have.”

The College’s reaffirmation of accreditation occurs every 10 years.

Part of the reaccreditation evaluation involves the College’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). Christendom’s current QEP is the Education for a Lifetime Program. This program focuses on enhancing the student learning environment by integrating students’ career discernment into their liberal arts education. To find out more about the QEP, visit christendom.edu/qep.

For more information about SACS, visit sacscoc.org.

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