dr_0477Sixteen percent of Christendom College’s student body participated in Spring Break mission trips earlier this month. The students traveled to Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Peru, and New York to work with those in need.

“I went expecting to be of service to the locals, but instead came home having received so much more from the people than I ever could have given them,” sophomore Theresa Francis said of her recent mission trip to the Dominican Republic. She was one of the 58 students (16% of the Front Royal campus’ student body) who went on four different mission trips across the globe during spring break.

“The trip was incredible on so many different levels,” she said.

Along with her, seventeen other students, two faculty members, and one alumna traveled to Banica in the Dominican Republic (DR). In Banica, students worked with the missionary efforts of the Arlington Diocese. Another group, comprised of thirteen students and one staff member, went to Peru and worked with the Missionary Servants of the Poor of the Third World. A third trip went to Honduras, where thirteen students and a staff member worked with the Missioners of Christ. Fourteen students and a staff member travelled to the Bronx where they worked with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal.

“Every year I am impressed with the generosity of our students,” Mission Trips Program Director Mike Brown said. “It’s a testament to the quality of students we have here. Most college students are worried about their week at the beach during spring break, but these students are worried how they can help others and be leaders for Christ.”

Each student was responsible for raising the funds to go on their respective mission trips, which are often life-changing experiences.

Kirk Slocum, a senior who traveled to the DR, said that his experience in the DR was one that cannot be described in words and recommends that every student go on a mission trip at least once in their college career.

“I promise it will be life-changing,” he said. “The work was hard and draining at times, but so rewarding—seeing the smile on all the locals’ faces. You need to see it for yourself to really understand. Having an entire week of pure self-giving to the poor people in Banica helped me to realize how lucky I am in everything that I have.”

Angelica Cintorino, a sophomore, said her experience was “amazing and unforgettable.”

“You could see the face of Christ in everyone you would meet—especially the children,” she said.

Besides the missionary trips offered during academic breaks, students assist those in need on a local level through the student club Outreach. The club visits nursing homes, works at soup kitchens, sponsors canned food drives, as well as volunteers at Habitat for Humanity and the local Crisis Pregnancy Center. Throughout the year students respond to Christendom’s motto of “restoring all things in Christ,” and sacrifice their free time for those in need.

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