students_5193Christendom College is ranked as one of the top 25 colleges for homeschool graduates in America in a new report by TheBestSchools.org. The report analyzed schools on the basis of their strengths in the liberal arts, socio-political conservatism, and the integration of faith and science.

“It’s great to be included in this ranking,” Director of Admissions Tom McFadden says. “Every year we welcome scores of homeschooled graduates and they do very well here.  It’s a testament to the personal nature of the education at Christendom and the values that guide our students’ formation.”

The report said that it is “not enough” to find a college that actively recruits homeschoolers—those schools might still fail to address the needs and interests of their homeschool applicants. While the schools to make the top 25 have a history of accepting homeschool applicants, they have also been commended as “homeschool-friendly.”

The report states:

American colleges are notorious for undermining the Christian faith of their students. Good Christian schools can reverse this trend. They allow open debate of contrary views without belittling nay-sayers or coercing conformity, and without compromising Christian integrity.

Schools with a strong emphasis on liberal arts, classics, and the Great Books tend to be best at advancing true academic freedom. Christian education sees students as image-bearers of God, holistic individuals having both a soul and a body and possessing built-in purposes such as love, discovery, creativity, wisdom, and responsibility.

The report described Christendom’s liberal arts education as “distinctly Roman Catholic” and said that “what they do, they do well.”

Also noted was the effect of the College’s strong commitment to the Roman Catholic faith on its ranking:

Since Protestants … are the vast majority of homeschoolers, Christendom is ranked fairly low, despite its high marks for conservatism, size (450 students), and its strengths in philosophy and the humanities.

“We’re ranked number 20 in the list, but in this case I am happy for the lower ranking,” McFadden says. “Our unwavering commitment to the Catholic Faith was the cause, and that is something we will never waiver on or change to be included in any list or ranking—no matter how exclusive.”

For more information about the report click here.

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