Grodi_5429Christendom College is pleased to announce its one-day summer conference and the speakers for the July 13th event focusing on Catholic history. To be held in memory of the college’s founder, Dr. Warren Carroll, the conference will feature EWTN’s Marcus Grodi as emcee along with six prominent and dynamic historians.

“History is essential in understanding who we are not only as human beings, but also as Catholics—as the people of God,” says College President Dr. Timothy O’Donnell. “The Catholic vision of history offers a unique and accurate perspective of the events that occur during the great drama of the centuries. With the incarnation as the centerpiece of history, we see how the human experience encounters the divine, and how this encounter has changed the world forever.”

The one-day conference is entitled “A Catholic Vision of History” and will include inspiring and informative talks, as well as Mass celebrated by Fr. William Saunders, the author of Straight Answers.

Dr. Thomas Madden, an author, historical consultant, and professor of history at Saint Louis University, will deliver a talk entitled “Rethinking Holy War: The Crusades and Catholic Devotion in the Middle Ages.”

An award-winning professor from the University of Notre Dame, Dr. Brad S. Gregory will discuss “History as Ancilla Theologiae?” delving into the controversy surrounding the use of history as a “maidservant of theology.”

Christendom College president Dr. Timothy O’Donnell, a highly sought after speaker and host of numerous shows on EWTN, will deliver a talk entitled, “Why History? The Church’s View.”

Dr. Christopher Shannon, a Christendom professor and author of the Wall Street Journal-praised book, Bowery to Broadway, will deliver a talk entitled, “After Modernism: De Lubac, Daniélou and the Patristic Approach to History.”

Dr. Adam Schwartz, an author and scholar of modern British Christian thought at Christendom College, will discuss the “Theologies of History in G. K. Chesterton and David Jones.

Specializing in the classical and medieval periods, Christendom professor Dr. Brendan McGuire will speak on “Understanding the Past or Manipulating the Evidence? The Catholic Historian and Modern Religious Ecumenism.”

“The conference will surely inspire and inform all who participate,” O’Donnell says. “In times like these, when we see the fabric of our society being ripped apart, we need to stop and focus on who we are and where we have been. It is often in examining and reflecting upon the past that we can find solutions to the problems we face today.”

Early bird pricing is available!

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