This summer, Christendom College is launching the St. Columcille Institute, an annual program in Ireland, which has received an enthusiastic response from the youth in America and Ireland filling all 40 spots. Featuring classes in Catholic theology, history, and literature, the program aims to strengthen the faith and deepen the understanding of young Catholic leaders in Europe and America.


Ards Friary, Co. Donegal

The three-week program, held from July 19 to August 11, 2013, will be at Ards Friary in County Donegal—a spectacular part of the northwest of Ireland where local traditions and Irish culture remain strong and vibrant. With over 200 acres of lovely countryside and a commanding view of the ocean, bay, and surrounding beaches, the Friary will provide students with ample opportunity to pray and reflect deeply upon the riches gleaned in the classroom.

“We’re inviting the youth of both the United States and Ireland to experience an awareness of the spiritual depth of the Catholic culture of Ireland that has enriched and determined much of the history of Europe, the United States, and the world,” College President and Institute Director Dr. Timothy O’Donnell says. “With its Gaelic roots, Ireland remains the culturally dominant English-speaking Catholic civilization in the world.”

To find out more about this program visit christendom.edu/ireland.

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