classroom_4629Christendom College is ranked as one of the top 20 Christian colleges in the nation for student success and satisfaction in a new report by FaithOnView.com. The report analyzed schools based on student retention, graduation, and giving rates to assess both how successful students are in pursuing their degrees and their long term satisfaction with their college experiences.

“It’s great to be included in this ranking,” Associate Director of Admissions Zac Inman says. “It’s a list we definitely should be on. We recently conducted a survey of our alumni, which revealed amazing stories of success and showed us that our alumni have a deep affection for their alma mater.”

The report noted that this ranking reveals “the successes of lesser known, even little known, schools” that are achieving great scores in the area of student success and satisfaction, unlike many other prestigious schools.

For more information about the report click here.

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