The transmission line is connected to WHFW FM antenna in Winchester.

Christendom College announces the expansion of Radio Christendom to include WHFW 89.7 FM in Winchester, Va. The station is broadcasting a simulcast of EWTN Catholic radio currently heard on WXDM 90.3 FM in Front Royal, Va. The station began uninterrupted broadcasting earlier this month.

The EWTN Global Catholic Radio Network will provide an around-the-clock feed of authentic Catholic radio coverage to both stations. With an 185W-powered signal, the WHFW covers the entire Winchester area reaching over 89,000 people.

“Thanks to the generosity of our donors, including Holy Family Communications, this second station became a reality,” says Niall O’Donnell, the general manager for Radio Christendom. “We are now blanketing the northern Shenandoah Valley with orthodox and insightful Catholic programing. We hope that the station will be a great resource for everyone in our local community for growing deeper in the understanding of our Christian faith.”

Currently, Radio Christendom is broadcasting EWTN solely, but the college plans to incorporate some of its own programming over the coming years. Visit ewtn.com/radio for more information about the network and scheduled programming. See station coverage maps and more at christendom.edu/radio.

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